Your Baby Can Read Review

Your Baby Can Read Review

Your baby can read is an early learning reading system designed for babies as young as six months. There have been lots of reports about this product both good and bad and most recently a lawsuit filed for false advertising. The FCC and the people against the system are fighting over the use of the word read. Does this system teach your child to read or just recognize words, I don’t know. We tried this system, we bought ours at Wal-Mart one level at a time and Sophia loves it. We don’t watch TV so watching these videos is a treat for her. They are pretty poor quality DVD, they don’t have any animation or special effects so they are pretty tame when compared to mainstream media.

The system includes different things depending on where you buy it at, ours came with the DVD’s and interactive flashcards. The system you buy on line includes interactive books and a parent’s guide showing you how to use the system in addition to the DVD’s and flashcards. I would suggest that one, just for the parent’s guide because the one you buy from the store doesn’t tell you anything except to watch the DVD’s and use the flashcards. The flashcards have a pull out picture that illustrate the word on the card. Such as the word cats has a picture of three cats on it.   The DVD’s are between 20 and 30 minutes long and include a question and answer game at the end that is optional to watch.

How we use the system; we bought the first set when Sophia was 9 months old and she would watch the DVD one time per day and use the flash cards 1 to 2 times per day. Within 2 months we bought sets 2 and 3. We continued to let her watch one of the DVD’s not more than twice a day and used the flash cards 1 to 2 times per day. After a few months of this she would get really excited when we asked her if she wanted to watch her movie and would point if the flash card said point, clap if it said clap etc.  At about 14 months she loved to do the flash cards and would do them as many times a day as I would let her so we would do it a bunch but still only watched the DVD’s one DVD at a time not more than twice per day. By now she was pointing to body parts such as eyes, ears, fingers etc. She would say some of the words on the cards such as dog and hi. By 16 months she knows all 25 cards that we have by sight of word only (not looking at the picture). And her verbal skills have exploded she now will say all the words, do the actions and point out all body parts that we have cards of. She says words that are only on the DVD’s that we don’t have flashcards for and she says new words every day.  We just discovered we could write any word that she has a flashcard for and she will ‘read’ the word to you. She will also ‘read’ the words she has flashcards for if she sees them in a book. She is also now singing along with the songs like old McDonald and the itty bitsy spider.  She acts out what she sees on the video such as when they say shake your head yes or no she does. When they sing the song head and shoulder she touches the appropriate body parts.  Outside of the system we do read lots of books and talk to her all the time, she asks “what’s that” about anything new she see and we tell her what it is.

So my opinion of the program is favorable, does it teach her to read? I don’t know that she is reading just yet or if it is word recognition but she enjoys it. It has help with her vocabulary; she loves to be read to, she really enjoys watching the DVD’s, especially when I act them out with her, she asks to do the flashcards at least 3 times or more per day and gets upset when I refuse to do them. So she likes the program, and has learned things from it. I will continue with the program through all the sets and will do the program with any future children. All kids are different so they might not like it as much as she does but that is ok. All in all I suggest this program to other parents and would buy it again myself.

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