Tips for new moms

Tips for new moms


*Sleep when the baby sleeps

*Ask for help

*Bring a change of clothes for you in the diaper bag too.

*Take care of yourself; you can’t be a good mom if you don’t meet your own needs

*Colic, growth spurts, teething, and illness this too shall pass.

*It’s ok to co-sleep, just do it safely. It will make for a happier mommy and baby

*A hot shower is almost as good as sleep, it did say almost

*Take all advice with a grain of salt

*If at first you don’t succeed try, try again

*Breast is best, feed your baby when they need it, babies don’t understand that it’s not time to eat when they are hungry

*Fussy breast feed baby? Think about changing your diet

*Let some stuff slide, the floors don’t need to be vacuumed the baby needs to be held

*Go with your gut, if something you are told to do doesn’t feel right then it probably isn’t right for you and your baby.

*Its ok to disagree with doctors they don’t know everything and are not trained for all situations just use common since

*Ask questions

*Google is great when you have a crying baby and are out of ideas to settle them down, type in your situation and know you are not the only parent going through this

*Take lots of pictures and notes; this is such a trying time it is hard to remember all the wonderful little milestones

*One day you will look back on this time and realize how wonderful it really was.

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