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Television Revolt

Television Revolt

I’m not a purest, I own three TVs a VCR, DVD player and Blue ray player, I do not however have traditional TV; cable, satellite, or network TV shows. What about news you ask, well I listen to the radio and have a weather radio, I found that it is more than enough. If something big happens I hear it on the radio or read it in the newspaper or online.

You might be asking yourself why? Why would you not want traditional TV in your home? To that I say I have many reasons but the biggest is my daughter. When she was born my husband and I decided that we wasted too much time watching TV and we didn’t want that for her. We wanted her to learn to entertain herself and not be dependent on TV to keep her attention. We also thought it might be better for her education.  If she wasn’t programed to watch a show for 12 min and then get a break, this happens nowhere else in life so why teach her to expect it at such a young age? So I started to think about it and realized I used to spend 9 hours a day watching television. Sure I did other things while watching but that is a large portion of my day I used to waste. Those things I did while watching never got my full attention, therefor they were not done to the best of my abilities.

Not to say that we don’t watch movies or TV programs we just limit that amount of time spent in such activities. We like to watch a little TV at night before we fall asleep, so we put in a blue ray or DVD and enjoy our chosen program for approx. an hour. We also have educational videos for our daughter to watch such as the Your Baby can Read system and Sesame Street. She watches one video once a day unless my husband and I need some alone time then we will put in one of her videos and sneak off.

We have found that when you don’t watch TV you have so much more time to do other things. I enjoy reading and doing crafts. I have found more time to focus on cooking healthy meals for my family. I am no longer worried about missing my show at a certain time. I have the freedom to spend that day in the garden or playing games with my family. We have also found not having TV has been good for our waist lines; both my husband and I have lost weight since giving it up. My theory is that instead of sitting still for hours a day starring at the TV we are more active. We save money as well as time because we don’t pay for cable or satellite. That money can be spent on other things like magazine subscriptions or taking the family out. That money can also be saved to help pay off some bill and free us from debt. Once you get passed the adjustment period you realize that not watching TV gives you a sense of freedom; freedom of time, money and attention.

Am I saying that it was easy? No way, I get bored and sometimes wish I had the option, but then I find something else to do. Since giving up TV I have started reading lots more books and magazines. I got back into scrapbooking, embroidery and painting. I started gardening and playing board games. All of these activities bring me joy and a sense of accomplishment.  Things that TV couldn’t.