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Removing plastic from the kitchen

Removing plastic from the kitchen

homesteading bottled water

The CDC found BPA in 93% of urine samples collected in 2004, this is scary because BPA mimics estrogen in the body and not only does it increase cancer cell growth but it reduces sperm count. High estrogen levels have linked it to the US’s children going through puberty at a younger age than ever.  If BPA mimics estrogen then it is safe to say that this it contributing to the problem.   The FDA has admitted that all plastic leach chemicals into our food.

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Uncooked Play Dough

Uncooked Play Dough                                   NCC

homesteading play dough

I posted an article about homemade play dough last month and I found this recipe for uncooked homemade play dough needed to share it for those in the community who are trying to save energy.

5 cups Flour

2 cups Salt

4 Tbsp Water

4 Tbsp Veggie oil

Mix flour and salt.  Add water slowly to make pliable mixture.  Add veggie oil to prevent hardening.  Powdered tempera may be added with the flour, or food coloring can be put in the water for color.  If finished artwork is to be dried, substitute 5 tablespoons of wheat paste for the oil.  Store dough in covered container or plastic bag.

Tips for new moms

Tips for new moms


*Sleep when the baby sleeps

*Ask for help

*Bring a change of clothes for you in the diaper bag too.

*Take care of yourself; you can’t be a good mom if you don’t meet your own needs

*Colic, growth spurts, teething, and illness this too shall pass.

*It’s ok to co-sleep, just do it safely. It will make for a happier mommy and baby

*A hot shower is almost as good as sleep, it did say almost

*Take all advice with a grain of salt

*If at first you don’t succeed try, try again

*Breast is best, feed your baby when they need it, babies don’t understand that it’s not time to eat when they are hungry

*Fussy breast feed baby? Think about changing your diet

*Let some stuff slide, the floors don’t need to be vacuumed the baby needs to be held

*Go with your gut, if something you are told to do doesn’t feel right then it probably isn’t right for you and your baby.

*Its ok to disagree with doctors they don’t know everything and are not trained for all situations just use common since

*Ask questions

*Google is great when you have a crying baby and are out of ideas to settle them down, type in your situation and know you are not the only parent going through this

*Take lots of pictures and notes; this is such a trying time it is hard to remember all the wonderful little milestones

*One day you will look back on this time and realize how wonderful it really was.