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Why I have a clothes line

Why I have a clothes line.

I didn’t grow up having a clothes line, my family lived in the country but the dryer was all I knew. My husband on the other hand grew up with his grandparents and mother hanging clothes on the line. When I moved in with them I didn’t want my clothes hung out. I have lots of allergies and I just knew it would drive me nuts with rashes so I didn’t even try it. 10 years a few apartments, one child and a move to the country later I have a clothes line of my own. Did my allergies just go away? Nope but I found a way around them. I decided to try a clothes line to save money, less electric. And found that it also is less wear on the clothes, ever wonder where dryer lint comes from? I found that I enjoy hanging laundry on the line, it gives me a little work out and I am always looking for ways to burn a few more calories. The clothes smell nice and the sun brightens my whites. I hang clothes out most days and let them dry completely on the line then I bring them in and put them in the dryer for 10 min, I found that is enough time to kill any allergens that the clothes collected while hanging outside.  Then just fold and put away. I have found that the clothes retain the nice smell even after being in the dryer for 10 min. And best of all I save money on electric and on clothes. I found that it is easier to spot stains and treat them before they are set in by the dryer because you handle each individual piece of laundry as you hang it up.