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Our first camping trip.

Our first camping trip.

We went camping for the first time recently; we went to Shawnee State park near Portsmouth Ohio. Because it was our first time we stayed at a campground. Unfortunately we choose the weekend that the campground was having their Halloween celebration, so it was really crowded. Our campsite had a fire ring and a place to set up a tent along with a place to park. The campground had decent bathroom with toilets that flush; a separate bath house; laundry facilities; along with two playground areas for the kids. There was a small camp-store that served as the office. The cost was 18 dollars per night.  When I went online to check out the campground it said that they didn’t have grills at the campsites so that limited our choices when it came to meals, however the fire ring included a small grill that could increase your food possibilities, this was not known until after we arrived.   We set up our tent and filled it with our supplies; cooler, clothes, extra shoes, food and the seats from our mini-van along with the spare tier and jack. Then we inflated our queen size air mattress and made up the bed.

We chose to sleep in our mini-van because our tent is 15 years old and we were not confident in its ability to keep out the weather. We gathered twigs for the fire and bought some wood because we didn’t know we could bring it into the park. As long as the wood is from Ohio it is ok to bring with you (used to not be able to take fire wood across county lines). We started our fire and roasted some hot dogs for dinner. Then we enjoyed the cool fall night and fire while watching the stars until we decided it was time to go to bed.  But not before we roasted some marshmallows.

Morning came early so with the sun we were up. We made breakfast and everyone got dressed. Broke down camp and put the van back together. We decided to go for a hike after we explored the campground in the day light.








The hike ended up being shorter than we anticipated because it was not well marked and somehow we ended up off the trail and back at the campground before we should have. After that we stopped in the camp office for a hiking map and decided to drive the country roads throughout the park. It was a beautiful drive and after a couple hours we headed home happy with our first experience camping. We determined that next time a campground would not be necessary in fact we would prefer to be in a less populated area.