My first week coupon-ing

My first week coupon-ing

This week I started coupon-ing. I started by talking with a friend who is a self proclaimed coupon queen. She showed me a few websites and pointed me in the right direction. So I dove in, I bought one Cincinnati Enquire Sunday paper, went on to the websites she suggested and a few others. I clipped coupons and went through all the printed ads to find price matches for Wal-Mart. I have to say I made my grocery list first then looked for coupons for things I was going to buy anyway, without being brand loyal. In my mind it is not worth buying things that you are not going to use just to use a coupon. Example is I do not eat much processed food so I did not cut out those coupons even if it was going to end up being a great deal.

Then I organized the coupons into whether I would use them at Wal-Mart or Kroger’s and made a very concise list including price matches for Wal-Mart and what coupons I would use. Any coupons for $1 or more I would use them at Wal-Mart (hopefully with a price match) and anything under $1 I would use at Kroger’s because they double all coupons up to $1. I was careful to record the price of each item so that I got the best deal; some items are cheaper at Wal-Mart even if you use double coupons at Kroger’s.

One website I found to be very helpful is When I returned home after my shopping trip I added up all the items I saved money on using coupons and price matching and ended up saving a total of $54.68 which was a little more than 20% of my total bill. I found Kroger’s receipt to be helpful because it gives you your saving total, and the total number of coupons.

One example of a great deal was on Ziploc baggies, they were originally$ 4.38 I got them price matched to 2.50 then used a coupon for $1 off 2 which I was planning to buy anyway which made them $2 a box for a savings of $2.38 cents each. A great deal I got a Kroger’s was on Blistex chap stick it was on sale for $1 then I used a coupon for 55 cents off 1 which Kroger’s doubles to $1 which means I got it for free.  I know this kind of deal is few and far between but I think I did great for my first week. I have faith that if you choose to give this a try you will be saving this much a more which means more money for your family to do other things with. I love to hear about great deals that you get so please leave comments and share you savings stories

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  1. I’m tried for a little while then got frustrated cause i felt i didn’t save much. but i’m gonna try again. Great article.

    1. Thanks Amber G. let me know how it goes for you, I think the key is to only buy what you would have bought with out the coupon not to buy something because you have a coupon for it. Good luck!

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