Couponing 2.0

Couponing 2.0

Well with careful planning I was able to increase my savings from 20% last time to 26% this time. What did I do different this time you ask, not much the coupons were different and I sign up for a Walgreens and Rite aid card so I was able to take advantage of some of their good deals.

The one thing I do differently than most is I make my grocery list first, that way I don’t buy things I don’t need or will not use.  I carefully sorted all coupons and pulled out the ones I thought I might use. Then I separated them into envelopes that were labeled with the store I planed on using them at. Then I went through all ads and made a list of the good deals in the ads: item, price, size and store that had it advertised.  Next I compare the good deals with my grocery list and make a combined list of the items I am planning on buying. Then I go though all coupons I pull out only the ones that I already have the item on my grocery list. Then I write on my list not only the price match for the item (If I have one) but also the coupon and what it is worth; example 55 cents off Carmex lip ointment. Then I divide the list up between Wal-mart and Kroger’s (the two store I do the majority of my shopping at). Any coupons under $1 are used at Kroger unless there is a really good price match for that item then I use it at Wal-mart. If the coupon if for $1 or more I use it at Wal-mart because they usually have the items a little cheaper than Kroger’s.

Here is a list of some of the best deals I got during this trip: Carmex lip ointment .04 cents; Pom pomegranate juice 8 oz free; Birds eye frozen veggies 24 oz .74 cents a bag; M&M’s priced matched to 2.50 which was a .28 cent savings then I used a $1 off two bags coupon which made each bag $2 a savings of .78 cents; Brick stone sour cream 16 oz for .55 cents; and Chex corn or rice cereal priced matched to $1.99 from $3.25 a savings of $1.26 then I used a $1 off two boxes coupon and got each box for $1.49 savings of 1.76 per box.

With careful planning I know you can do just as good if not better so get out there and give couponing a try. If you have any questions or you got a really good deal and you want to talk about comment I would love to hear your stories.

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