Cherokee Purple Tomato

 Here at The Cunningham Homestead we are trying out different varieties of fruits and veggies, we like the idea of finding Heirloom breeds because they haven’t been genetically modified. I have been told that heirlooms are harder to grow; in my experience it has not been that different although that tomato plant did take longer to mature.

Cherokee purple tomatoes are really neat looking they are an heirloom breed tomato so they are not perfectly round. The skin is prone to splitting and is a purple red color but not too different. When you cut it open, however the flesh is a brilliant dark purple color. My husband said it looks like a tomato that is going bad color wise. It has a sweeter taste than traditional tomatoes and seems to be less acidic with soft flesh. If you are looking for a different heirloom breed tomato for your garden I would suggest this one.


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