About Nicholas

I am a husband and father, nature lover, hiker, disc golfer, Skele-Toes wearer, do it yourself-er, provider, car maintainer and repairer, protector, home repairer, website builder, blogger, lifelong learner, pet owner, prepare-er, homesteader.

2 thoughts on “About Nicholas”

  1. I am Nick’s mom and I could tell you a whole bunch more about him. Nick is really handy and can figure out how to do just about anything. We have worked on my house together a lot over the years. I used to go to my dad to try to figure out how to do things but now I go to my son. My father recently passed away but I started going to Nick even before that. We have spent a lot of hours together looking at the house and the yard “cogitating” on what and how we wanted to do things. I will always treasure that time we have spent together. Even though I am remarried and Nick has his own home and family, I hope we will continue to “cogitate” together.

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